Responsible tourism and social media marketing

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Social Media

How to use social media to amplify your story

Responsible tourism and social media marketing
For responsible tourism companies, marketing their experiences and offerings on social media can
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Attracting travellers the right way

Here’s how a strong ‘product’ and strong
You have built a beautiful homestay or you have been working at the grassroots level with a rural
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Case Study – Social Tours, Nepal

How a travel company in Nepal uses tourism to do
Social Tours started as an experiment in 2002, with the idea of channelising tourism for social
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Making a photograph speak a thousand words

Homestay and small hotel owners and experiential tours
In our age of social media, photographs are a vital tool for Responsible Tourism practitioners to
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Tourism needs to be a sustainable development tool for local communities and destinations

Paras Loomba, Founder, Global Himalayan Expedition
Zanskar is one of the most beautiful regions in Ladakh with some of the best trekking routes. This
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Siddharth Village

Eco-stays run by a social enterprise primarily in
Siddharth Village is part of a social enterprise that is focussed on poor tribal communities
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To host or not to host the #travelinfluencer!

Gana Kedlaya, Co-founder of Backyard Camp
Should one be worried when most travel research/studies over the last few years have been focused
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Tourism is the means rather than the end

Stephan Marchal, Founder of Himalayan Ecotourism
Stephan Marchal is an OCI of Belgian origin. He has worked for about 7 years in the field of rural
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