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6 farmstays in Maharashtra to experience rural living

Rural Maharashtra
Maharashtra is much more than its mega metropolis of Mumbai or its Maratha stronghold of Pune.
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6 ways to experience coffee country Coorg

Plantation stays
Rain swept green Coorg with its coffee estates, thick forests, rolling hills and extraordinary
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11 heritage hotels and homestays for a 'historic' holiday

Going back in time
One of the true luxuries we can experience during our travels is staying in heritage hotels that
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13 down-to-earth destinations to experience Rural India in all her glory

Village getaways
India is such a varied land that a traveller can travel just a little distance and be exposed to a
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7 experiential travel outfits for your Great Northeast India trip

Northeast India
India’s Northeast is a fascinating land of rich traditions, ancient practices and deeply held
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7 beautiful stays for an authentic Ladakhi experience no matter your budget

Ladakhi hotels and homestays
India’s latest Union Territory may be fast becoming the ‘it’ destination for many
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Ideas for a soulful and different New Year vacation

RT holidays
The year-end is upon us and many of you must be scrabbling to book that perfect vacation to ring in
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7 child-friendly responsible travel holiday operators that ensure the kids are alright!

Child and family-friendly vacations
How many of us have planned that Great Family Vacation and on the trip realised that the car
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7 RT stays in Sikkim for a holiday of a lifetime!

Sikkim accommodation
This land of soaring mountains, snow-capped peaks, lush green valleys, sparkling rivers and
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9 stays to enjoy the planter’s life!

Plantation Stays
There is something about plantations and estates that make us think of a slower and gentler time of
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