Enjoy a day with ethnic communities in the eastern region of Myanmar

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Myanmar: Kayah State is Ready to Welcome Tourists

Enjoy a day with ethnic communities in the eastern
Located in the eastern part of Myanmar, the state of Kayah is marked by hills and rivers and is
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Going Local in the Spiti Valley

Ecosphere, an organization in Spiti, is offering an
I’m still recovering from an exquisite panoramic view of the Trans-Himalayas from atop a
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Uttarakhand: The Magic Faraway Valley

Get an exquisite taste of mountain communities in
\"Look there,” Khim Singh grabs at my arm urgently, “a pine marten!” Frantically
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Karnataka: Slow Travel on a Cycle

A weekend cycling trip to Nandi Hills is the best way
Asked what his favourite mode of transport was, the writer Ruskin Bond once said, “Road
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Assam: Weaving Fairy Tales

Fall in love with the exquisite mekhala chadars of
As we speed our way from Guwahati towards Sualkuchi, vivid images of colourful silk mekhela chadars
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Uttarakhand: In Corbett Country

Vanghat, a charming lodge in Corbett, is a wilderness
At first it’s a gentle rustle on the forest floor. Then, a travelling sound of dry leaves
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Rajasthan: Deep Forest

Regrowing a forest, one tree at a time, in a remote
It’s an oxymoron. Luxury quarters, actually a converted former hunt­ing outpost, set in a
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Festival of sacred music in Thiruvaiyaru, Tamil Nadu

Prakriti Foundation--s Festival of Sacred Music
Imagine, I am told, school kids tidying up the Cauvery and her shorelines at Thiruvaiyaru as part
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West Bengal: Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Two packed and peaceful days luxuriating at the Earth
A launch is moving leisurely down the peaceful, sunlit waterways of the Sunderban mangrove forests.
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Circle of Unreason: Climate Change and Tourism

Climate change and tourism are inextricably
I love to travel. I’ve written a great deal about travel. I’ve been travelling all my
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