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The Doi Host

The Himalayas
‘Doi’ is Kumaoni for traveller and The Doi Host is a young outfit launched by
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Holidays in Rural India

Central India, Kutch, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and North
Many travellers to India only get to have a superficial view of our Rural parts. At their worst,
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Chennai, Puducherry, Madurai, Thiruvananthapuram and
The Storytrails tagline—India exists in her stories—sums up the raison d'etre of this
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Eastern Routes

Northeast India
Eastern Routes is among the handful of Northeast based RT experiential travel operators that is
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Majuli Tourism

Northeast India (primarily Majuli Island in Assam)
The Northeast of India is a land of extraordinary beauty and not surprisingly is on the travel
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Outdoor Monks

Uttarakhand-based Outdoor Monks is a small experiential adventure travel outfit offering a range of
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Treasured Holidays

India is a land rich in arts and crafts—from intricate hand woven textiles, colourful pottery
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No Footprints

Mumbai, Maharashtra
Think of Mumbai and what comes to your mind? Crowds, torrential rain every monsoon, crowded local
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Been There Doon That

Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Walking through a city is still the best way to learn intimately her eccentricities and rhythms.
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Holiday Scout

North East India
Started by Sange Tsering, a young resident of Arunachal Pradesh, Holiday Scout offers customised
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Soul Travelling

Mass tourism has helped Goa's economy grow and has created jobs, but on the flip side resources
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Gohash Travel (TheTrippers.In)

South India
Have you found yourself on a Saturday morning thinking "what to do with your weekend"? Many urban
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