Inspire me
Inspire me

Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams, because that’s your path!

A woman on a mission to showcase real Goa

Maria Victor, Founder, Make It Happen

Maria Victor, the Founder of Make It Happen, is a Management Accountant by profession but a ...
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Travellers should feel connected with the environment when they travel

Anvesh Singh Thapa & Ing-Marie Putka, Expeditions

At Expeditions India we believe that the more connected clients feel to the river, the more likely ...
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Sustainable tourism can turn locals into conservationists

Akanksha Garg, CEO, Waxpol Hotels & Resorts

Akanksha Garg started her entrepreneurial foray into the travel industry at the age of 18. Since ...
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An adventurer who turned his passion into his profession

Vaibhav Kala, Founder & Director, Aquaterra Adventures

Guiding since the ealry 90s, Vaibhav Kala, Founder and director of Aquaterra Adventures has been at ...
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First aid training can save lives in the great outdoors

Akshay Shah, Program Director, Hanifl Centre

Newspapers reported in September 2018 that a man had passed away on a mountaineering expedition. At ...
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Why tourism should benefit the ‘native’

Mackinlay ‘Mack’ Antonio das Merces Barreto,

Responsible tourism, notwithstanding text book definitions, to me is a responsibility to nature and ...
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Tourism is the means rather than the end

Stephan Marchal, Founder of Himalayan Ecotourism

Stephan Marchal is an OCI of Belgian origin. He has worked for about 7 years in the field of rural ...
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Myanmar: Kayah State is Ready to Welcome Tourists

Enjoy a day with ethnic communities in the eastern

Located in the eastern part of Myanmar, the state of Kayah is marked by hills and rivers and is ...
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Going Local in the Spiti Valley

Ecosphere, an organization in Spiti, is offering an

I’m still recovering from an exquisite panoramic view of the Trans-Himalayas from atop a ...
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Uttarakhand: The Magic Faraway Valley

Get an exquisite taste of mountain communities in

\"Look there,” Khim Singh grabs at my arm urgently, “a pine marten!” Frantically ...
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Karnataka: Slow Travel on a Cycle

A weekend cycling trip to Nandi Hills is the best way

Asked what his favourite mode of transport was, the writer Ruskin Bond once said, “Road ...
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Assam: Weaving Fairy Tales

Fall in love with the exquisite mekhala chadars of

As we speed our way from Guwahati towards Sualkuchi, vivid images of colourful silk mekhela chadars ...
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