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6 travel companies that will show you the ‘real’ Goa

Slow travelling in Goa

Many conscientious travellers are giving Goa a wide berth as the state is unfortunately seen by ...
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7 RT hotels and homestays to experience the best of rural Rajasthan

Beyond kings and palaces

Rajasthan may be best known as a land of kings, warriors and palaces, but the state is among the ...
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How to ensure tourism plays a positive role in ecologically and culturally sensitive regions

Nishant Sinha, Co-founder at ChaloHoppo

We travel operators who take travellers to locations and communities that are relatively remote and ...
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What does it take to create a successful RT venture

Stephan Marchal, Founder of Himalayan Ecotourism

Does one need special expertise to engage in responsible tourism? Perhaps. But what is definitely ...
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How Responsible Tourism can be made into a successful business model

Akanksha Garg, Founder & Director, Waxpol Hotels and

Travellers don’t just want to visit sights when they travel; they want to embrace local ...
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Meet the man sharing the tales of Rural India with travellers

Gaurav Bhatnagar, Director, The Folk Tales

Gaurav Bhatnagar worked in the corporate sector for a decade after completing his studies in ...
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The four rules for a responsible traveller

Vinod Sreedhar, Founder, Journeys With Meaning

A big part of Responsible Travel is engaging with local communities. Over the years, these are some ...
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A woman on a mission to showcase real Goa

Maria Victor, Founder, Make It Happen

Maria Victor, the Founder of Make It Happen, is a Management Accountant by profession but a ...
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Travellers should feel connected with the environment when they travel

Anvesh Singh Thapa & Ing-Marie Putka, Expeditions

At Expeditions India we believe that the more connected clients feel to the river, the more likely ...
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Sustainable tourism can turn locals into conservationists

Akanksha Garg, CEO, Waxpol Hotels & Resorts

Akanksha Garg started her entrepreneurial foray into the travel industry at the age of 18. Since ...
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An adventurer who turned his passion into his profession

Vaibhav Kala, Founder & Director, Aquaterra Adventures

Guiding since the ealry 90s, Vaibhav Kala, Founder and director of Aquaterra Adventures has been at ...
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First aid training can save lives in the great outdoors

Akshay Shah, Program Director, Hanifl Centre

Newspapers reported in September 2018 that a man had passed away on a mountaineering expedition. At ...
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