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Learn from craftspeople about positivity, reliance and the ability to adapt

Jaya Jaitly, Founder and President, Dastkari Haat

01 June 2020 Jaya Jaitly has been one of the most vocal supporters of Indian crafts and artisans. ...
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5 farmstays in Himachal Pradesh to enjoy nature and good food

Himachal Pradesh farm and orchard stays

Nurtured by swift mountain rivers and blessed with fertile land and a condusive climate, the state ...
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6 food tours to enjoy local food with a side of history

Culinary tours

Food is an intrinsic part of experiencing a new place. The Goan fish-curry-rice is as important a ...
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6 'hidden' heritage stays for a quiet retreat

Heritage holidays

There's something romantic about staying in a heritage abode - we can dream up intrigue, love ...
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Can rural be the mantra for tomorrow's tourism?

Dr Madhura Dutta, Program Specialist for 'Culture and

As the world battles Covid-19 and the economic ripples it has left in its wake, the tourism ...
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Union Minister of State for Culture & Tourism talks about the future of travel and tourism in the post COVID-19 world

The road ahead with the Minister of Tourism Prahlad

08 May 2020 The COVID-19 Pandemic has been very hard on the travel and tourism industry. How do you ...
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Can travel & tourism have a net positive contribution to conservation, the environment and the community?

Sonu Shivdasani, CEO and Joint Creative Director,

08 May 2020 Travel and flying are often highlighted as prime examples of human behaviour that ...
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Aman Nath, chairman of Neemrana Hotels, talks about the future of hospitality in the post-COVID-19 world

The Great Hospitality Crisis

08 May 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the hospitality industry. As a leading figure in ...
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Tech has answers for a disrupted world

Nishant Upadhyay, Conservation Architect and Founder

05 May 2020 Digital documentation and Augmented Reality bring continuity of culture and ...
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A case for not geotagging

Gana Kedlaya, Co-founder of Backyard Camp

As we all collectively shoulder the grief and impact of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, let's also ...
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6 hidden stays for your jungle fix

Nature getaways

There's a primal connect between us humans and forests. The lush greenery draws us and many of us ...
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5 responsible travel companies for an immersive rural India experience

Rural tours of India

India's heart beats in her villages, but that doesn't mean her rural landcapes and culture are ...
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