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Rudra Experiences is a socially committed, innovation driven, experience provider and enabler. Their endeavour is to help travellers make the most of their time and embellish their travels with characteristic, exclusive and rich experiences, so that the extraordinary is made accessible to the traveller easily.

India is a rich smorgasbord of sounds, sights, colours, and tastes and it is not easy for travellers who have arrived at a destination for a few days to get a true sense of its character. Rudra’s curated list of experiences attempts to give travellers an insightful experience in a variety of destinations, from India’s loud cities to quiet rural getaways. 

Rudra offers a mix of short (from 3 days) to long (19 days) itineraries across India that are planned according to various themes. It also offers an interesting mix of day experiences in a number of India’s most visited urban centres.

The multi-day itineraries are designed around various themes, ranging from culture and photography to food and wildlife. These itineraries take travellers from the hills and mountains of North India, the tea gardens and forests of Northeast India and the wilderness of Rajasthan to the spice gardens of Kerala, the plains of Tamil Nadu and the jungles of central India.

The day experiences Rudra offers in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and Varanasi are quite interesting. Travellers can go pub hopping in Delhi. They offer innovative evening experiences in these cities. In Agra, travellers ride the Tonga to watch the sunset by the Taj and then proceed by car to a dinner with a master craftsman. In Mumbai, the evening ride is in a vintage car! In Delhi they offer a unique dinner theatre experience!

Price: From Rs 2,000 to Rs 1 lakh

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Slow Travel

Rudra Experiences encourages its team and travellers to demonstrate the ‘humane’ principles of travel by respecting people, cultures and local environments, that also helps reduce carbon footprint. They transfer majority of their earnings to their social arm Gramin India Foundation, a charitable Trust, created to achieve their social and ecological objectives that include: 1. Dignified, Sustainable, employment creation through tourism at the grassroots level across India. 2. Development of eco-friendly, innovative, tourism infrastructure that are non polluting, and respect the environment while giving a premium experience to the tourist. 3. Creating sustainable employment opportunities for artists pursuing Classical, Semi Classical and Folk Indian music and dance forms. 4. Consumption of textiles and crafts made by local artisans and craftsmen. 5. Exclusive use of pure, organic, food ingredients; slow cooking processes and revival of traditional, original recipes that were a part of undivided India.