Dr Sachin Bansal, Founder, India City Walks

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Community based tourism - transform before travel

Dr Sachin Bansal, Founder, India City Walks
Travelling is one of the experiences that rejuvenates life - one of the reasons why the COVID-19
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6 food tours to enjoy local food with a side of history

Culinary tours
Food is an intrinsic part of experiencing a new place. The Goan fish-curry-rice is as important a
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The Best of Mysore Walk

Gully Tours
Where: Mysore, KarnatakaWhen: All year round How long: 3 hoursHow much: Rs 1400
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Delhi Food Walks

Delhi & Jaipur
Delhi can bring about extreme reactions, but most will agree that the food here is truly excellent.
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In touristy Kerala, how do you have a truly local and ‘real’ experience away from the
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A Green Venture

City dwellers are increasingly moving further away from nature. Walking among trees, digging up
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No Footprints

Mumbai, Maharashtra
Think of Mumbai and what comes to your mind? Crowds, torrential rain every monsoon, crowded local
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Been There Doon That

Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Walking through a city is still the best way to learn intimately her eccentricities and rhythms.
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Soul Travelling

Mass tourism has helped Goa's economy grow and has created jobs, but on the flip side resources
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