Anirudh Chaoji, Biologist at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and Director of Ran Mangli Foundation

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Estate Stay

How the Indian ‘Jugaad’ can offer simple solutions to real-life challenges

Anirudh Chaoji, Biologist at Tadoba Andhari Tiger
Many RT homestays, hotels and travel companies operate in relatively remote regions where access to
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Community based tourism - transform before travel

Dr Sachin Bansal, Founder, India City Walks
Travelling is one of the experiences that rejuvenates life - one of the reasons why the COVID-19
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Anantya Resorts

A luxury lakeside resort near Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu
In the extreme south of India where the borders between Tamil Nadu and Kerala are as fluid as the
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5 jungle camping experiences that no wildlife enthusiast can miss

A tent in the forest
There is something so intrinsically primal about wanting to go into the jungles and spend time
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Sangai Moonlight Camping

Sangai Moonlight Camping is an experiential travel company based in Manipur’s Moirang that
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Rudra Experiences

Rudra Experiences is a socially committed, innovation driven, experience provider and enabler.
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6 child-friendly stays for peaceful and active holidays

Family holidays
The key to a happy family vacation is happy children and the key to keeping a child happy on
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Kuttickattil Gardens

A family-run riverside homestay in Arpookara near
The regions surrounding the Vembanad lake system are some of the most beautiful in Kerala. While
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A close encounter of the wild kind in the forests of Nagzira

Anirudh Chaoji, Biologist at Tadoba Andhari Tiger
Tucked away in the wild heartland of Vidarbha in Maharashtra is my favourite wilderness area of
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Camp Dev Vilas

Wildlife lodge
Type of RT Operations: Hotel Where: Kanha, Madhya PradeshMore about the
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