Satrenga Boat Club and Resort
Satrenga Boat Club and Resort

MAURITIUS of Chhattisgarh

Where: Chhattisgarh
When: Any Time
How long: 2-5 days
How much: NA (+5% GST)

What to expect:

Also famous as MAURITIUS of Chhattisgarh. One of the best tourist destinations. In terms of the long weekends an ultimate place which will always surprise you. Far far away from the cities and pollution. the sunset is the best treat you can get from Satrenga. Enjoying at Satrenga Boat club is also a must-do thing.

The water is Turquoises in colour. Which is really picturesque. Must visit for landscape photographers. Satrenga is a complete nature treat. there are a lot of small hiking trails you can do besides the river and also near the mountain. The landscapes of the area will definitely amaze you. you should never miss this place on your travel list. The Resorts is great in size, very spacious. the location of the resort is definitely worthy.

So pack your bag for a long weekend to spend some time with nature.

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