Madhya Pradesh (Kanha, Panna and Bandhavgarh)

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Last Wilderness Foundation

Madhya Pradesh (Kanha, Panna and Bandhavgarh)
Imagine making your way through deep forest with an expert guide who can ‘read’ the
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How to build a community-led tourism project that truly benefits all

An interview with Manisha Pande, Managing Director,
Manisha Pande is Managing Director of Village Ways, a rural and community focused experiential
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Responsible Tourism works when visitors come but don’t take over the landscape

Malika Virdi, Mountaineer, Farmer & Sarpanch of the
Malika Virdi moved to Sarmoli village in Uttarakhand over two decades ago to make a life close to
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Anahata Healing Arts Center

A holistic yoga retreat near Mysore, Karnataka
About 70km from Mysore in Karnataka is Ravandur, a small village of brightly coloured homes and old
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Kabani Community Tourism

South India, Goa and Rajasthan
Go fishing on a bright Sunday morning and bring back your catch, learn to harvest a crop from an
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HACRA Community and Nature Tourism

Rajasthan - Thar desert and Aravalli hills
Live like a desert dweller in the Rajasthani town of Osian in a trip organised by Germar Singh, the
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