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Can rural be the mantra for tomorrow's tourism?

Dr Madhura Dutta, Program Specialist for 'Culture and
As the world battles Covid-19 and the economic ripples it has left in its wake, the tourism
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Building resilient communities and resilient destinations

Gopinath Parayil, Founder of The Blue Yonder
18 April 2020 Tourism industry has seen many disasters. Terrorist attacks, earthquakes, climate
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Covid-19: Disruption or opportunity for responsible tourism?

Hashim Tyabji, wildlife and tourism expert, and
17 April 2020 A blessing in disguise? The most important lesson arising from the Covid-19 pandemic
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Creating the ‘New Normal’ in Northeast India

Julie Kagti, Founder of Curtain Call Adventures
16 April 2020 It was in December 2019 that I started to see news reports regarding the outbreak of
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"World will decisively move towards Responsible Tourism after this pandemic"

K Rupeshkumar, State Coordinator, Kerala Responsible
13 April 2020 Kerala has been a leader in Responsible Tourism in the country, having set up the
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Help Tourism's Raj Basu says tourism’s greatest hope now lies in India’s villages

Post-Covid 19 travellers will be looking for peace and
3 April 2020 A silver lining in the Covid cloud #StayHome is what we have done for weeks now.
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How to build a people-first tourism initiative

Keeping the local community at the heart of a travel
Tourism is about partnerships and complex chains of supply. In other words, it’s about people
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#NotBusinessAsUsual – time to reconnect and rebuild

What Responsible Tourism companies are doing as travel
March 24, 2020 In normal times on the grounds of Neeleshwar Hermitage in North Kerala roam peacocks
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10 commandments for travel companies

Best practices for dealing with Covid-19 created
March 23, 2020 The Covid-19 crisis is still unfolding with India on the cusp of a complete
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15 questions to ask NOW!

What’s next for the Responsible Tourism community?
March 21, 2020 “When that great day comes, when we will be able to travel through our
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