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Titlyy Travels


Rohini Vachher, a travel industry insider, started Titlyy in 2016 to offer unique and non-googleable experiences to discerning travellers.

Rohini decided to launch her own travel outfit as she realised that the tours being sold to clients were just standard ‘off the peg’ itineraries that did not consider their actual desires and dreams. She also realised that there are independent female travellers who would love to travel across India, but were reluctant to do so on their own. 

About 50% of the tours organised by Titlyy are women-only, with Rohini accompanying the travellers. The objective is to give solo lady travellers or small women’s groups the opportunity to travel with a female guide who not only curates an itinerary but also adapts the daily programme to allow the traveller to ‘go with the flow.’ So experiences could range from getting invited to an Indian wedding to exploring a lesser known but interesting market. 

All Titlyy tours are completely tailor-made and are designed to cater to travel interests like wildlife, local culture and food, history, beaches, solo trips, luxury and adventure or any combination of these. 

Price: Tariff depends on the tour. The 7D Golden Triangle tour costs about Rs 46,500 per person, while a walking tour could cost around Rs 3,500 per person.

Read more: https://www.titlyy.com/

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Slow Travel

While Titlyy offers custom tours for everyone, it does focus on women travellers. About 50% of its tours are women-only. Many of the trips include off beat destinations. The outfit chooses hotels that have strong environmental policies. Its tours involve the local communities with real interaction where both the traveller and the host benefit from cultural exchange and the money goes to the community. The outfit also discourages the use of plastics.