5 jungle camping experiences that no wildlife enthusiast can miss
5 jungle camping experiences that no wildlife enthusiast can miss

A tent in the forest

There is something so intrinsically primal about wanting to go into the jungles and spend time cocooned amongst the trees, and living according to the rhythms of nature and the forest. That’s why camping has always been attractive. It is an escape - a simplifying of sorts. Here are five jungle camping options for you. And we have included both simple and luxurious options, so you can take your pick.

1. Jamtara Wilderness Camp, near Pench, Madhya Pradesh

Located close to the village of Jamtara, not far from the Pench National Park, is this camp comprising just 10 luxury tents set amidst Arjuna trees and an ancient Banyan. The forests surround the tents—very few other places can offer an experience that is this close to nature. Each tent is luxurious. What makes it extra special is that guests can roll up the front panels, almost blending the outdoors with the indoors. There is also the option to sleep outside on the tent’s patio. Mosquito netting will keep the bugs away, while quilts and hot water bottles will keep the cold away!

For an even more close to nature experience, the Camp has tied up with local farmers so guests get an experience of sleeping on ‘machaans’. The Camp has built ‘machaans’ on stilts in farms with four poster beds atop it so guests can view night wildlife or just enjoy the star studded skies. 

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2. Khem Villas, Ranthambore, Rajasthan

The 25-acre property lies close to the Ranthambore National Park and less than one percent of the land has built structures; apart from the main building there are 13 tents and eight cottages. The rest is mostly forest and water bodies, all manmade, as this was mostly barren wasteland in the past. The jungle is right at your cottage’s doorstep at Khem Villas, with animals ranging from deer and porcupines to tigers and crocodiles ensuring they make full use of the property’s grounds whenever they feel like it. In fact, there is a strict no-wandering-at-night policy here and for good reason. 

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3. Bagh Villas Jungle Camp & Spa, Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

The safari resort offfers 12 luxury tents, pitched amongst trees and tall grass, that are located at the edge of a manmade lake. The tents are luxurious and come with verandahs that are perfect for taking in the surrounding views. The resort has its own organic garden that grows vegetables and herbs, so you can expect meals made with the freshest ingredients. The biking experience deserves special mention. The team here has charted out many biking trials that are suitable for beginners and experienced cyclists. These help guests experience the beautiful and varied landscape of the region. Guides can accompany the trip. Guests can also go on guided birding trips by cycle or jeep and also explore the nearby tribal hamlets.

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4. Tanhau Homestay, near Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

This is for those who want a true blue, simple camping experience in the forests but want the security of an ‘establishment’ nearby, just in case! Tanhau is a homestay that offers three cottages at the edge of the Corbett forests. Tanhau specialises in walking safaris and camping experiences. Their nature walks, which last from a couple of hours to a full-day, are a speciality. The property’s owners have also identified great camping spots, so guests can camp out in the open under a million stars. 

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5. Pench Jungle Camp, Pench, Madhya Pradesh

The Pench Jungle Camp, set in 50 acres of forested land, offers a mix of accommodation options but the 13 luxury safari tents stand out. The camp boasts its very own water body. Another speciality of this property is outdoor dining, with the expansive grounds offering many a beautiful spot for enjoying meals in the open. So guests can start off the day by driving out early in the morning to breakfast amidst the trees and end the day with high-tea or sundowner by the lake and Bush dinner under a starlit sky. 

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