Bagh Villas Jungle Camp & Spa
Bagh Villas Jungle Camp & Spa

A luxury safari camp in Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

One of the memorable travel experiences is to stay in a forest in a luxury tent. This is what you get at Bagh Villas in Madhya Pradesh's Kanha. 

The safari resort offfers 12 luxury tents, pitched amongst trees and tall grass, that are located at the edge of a manmade lake. The tents are luxurious and come with verandahs that are perfect for taking in the surrounding views. The resort has its own organic garden that grows vegetables and herbs, so you can expect meals made with the freshest ingredients. What's not grown in the property's faarm is producred from local farmers. Guests can also help the staff out with some of the farming and harvesting activities.

Apart from the jungle safaris, Bagh Villas offers many experiences. The biking experience deserves special mention. The team here has charted out many biking trials that are suitable for beginners and experienced cyclists. These help guests experience the beautiful and varied landscape of the region. Guides can accompany the trip. Guests can also go on guided birding trips by cycle or jeep and also explore the nearby tribal hamlets. The spa at the resort is a great spot to wind up in at the end of a long day biking.

Price: Rs 16,000 per night for double occupancy; includes all meals.

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Slow Travel

Bagh Villas follows a number of Responsible Tourism practices. It uses eco-friendly, non-toxic detergents. Grey water from the laundry is channeled to a soak pit tank that allows it to percolate back into the ground. Rain water is channeled to flow into the manmade lake on the property, which has resulted in a perennial lake that now attracts wildlife. UV filtration technology is used for the pool water, eliminating the need for chlorine. It uses five-star rated air conditioners which run on the latest inverter-based technology. All lights used on the property are energy efficient LEDs and the lampshades are made from bio-degradable materials such as wood, recycled jute and clothes. Solar energy is used for heating water and energy efficient insulating materials ensure minimal loss of temperature during transit. The resort has intalled solar panels for its energy requirements and the surplus electricity generated (~30% over the year) is fed into the state electric grid for distribution elsewhere. The resort uses Reverse Osmosis technology for purifying water at the camp, preventing the use of plastic bottles. Water is provided to the guests in glass bottles. The RO waste water and condensate from air conditioners is channeled into soak pits, allowing it to percolate into the ground. In addition to following effective waste management strategies, the resort ensures all waste is segregated at source and recycled either in house or given to authorised recyclers. All biodegradable waste is sent to their aerobic compost. The resort's in-house bakery and soda water maker results in fewer plastic-packaged products being purchased. Bagh Villas grows seasonal vegetables and fruit in their garden, organically.