Jungle Book Cycling Experience
Jungle Book Cycling Experience

Pugdundee Safaris

Where: Pench and Kanha Tiger Reserves, Madhya Pradesh
When: November 28 to December 2, 2019
How long: 5 days
How much: Rs 54,000 per person; includes accommodation at Kanha Earth Lodge and Pench Tree Lodge and one night of camping, all meals, safaris, mountain bikes, backup transport and support and services of expert Naturalists.  

What to expect:

Jungle Book Cycling Experience, organised by luxury safari lodge operator Pugdundee Safaris, takes you to Central India’s famous Pench and Kanha Tiger Reserves. The wildlife, forested landscape and tribal communities in these areas make it a fascinating region to cycle. There will also be a small tour to Rukhad Sanctuary. Rukhad is an eco-tourism destination rich in wildlife and scenic natural beauty. Apart from the wildlife, the tour provides an opportunity to experience rural life in India and meet local people who live in harmony with wildlife.

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