Safety is the most important factor in an adventure trip and, sometimes, simple interventions are all you need.

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Rt Pioneers

Adventure travel: the responsible and safe way ahead

Safety is the most important factor in an adventure
The public conversation on risk management in Indian adventure travel is still nascent. With the
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The strength is in the small people; the small homestays and farms will be resilient: Jose Dominic, Co-founder, CGH Earth Group

The hospitality industry veteran speaks about Covid-19
28 March 2020 Lockdowns, quarantines, no commercial flights, shuttered and empty
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How to build a people-first tourism initiative

Keeping the local community at the heart of a travel
Tourism is about partnerships and complex chains of supply. In other words, it’s about people
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Overtourism – tackling the problem of plenty

Too many tourists can ‘kill’ a destination and
From one intrepid traveller to busloads
of tourists—the distance between discovering a
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Attracting travellers the right way

Here’s how a strong ‘product’ and strong
You have built a beautiful homestay or you have been working at the grassroots level with a rural
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Case Study – Social Tours, Nepal

How a travel company in Nepal uses tourism to do
Social Tours started as an experiment in 2002, with the idea of channelising tourism for social
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Green Route

Northeast India
In India’s beautiful Northeast are a handful of plucky travel entrepreneurs who have created
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ALIGN - High-altitude Acclimatisation Activities

Desert Bloom
Where: Leh Town, LadakhWhen: April to OctoberHow long: 1 dayHow much: Rs 1,350
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The ground rules for community-based rural tourism done right

Tourism has the capacity to positively impact local
Rural tourism must grow in synergy with livelihoods like agriculture and crafts that are the
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Studio Bagru

Jaipur, Rajasthan
Rajasthan is like a box of chocolates, filled with delights of different flavours. Its stunning,
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