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Responsible Tourism

Can travel & tourism have a net positive contribution to conservation, the environment and the community?

Sonu Shivdasani, CEO and Joint Creative Director,
08 May 2020 Travel and flying are often highlighted as prime examples of human behaviour that
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A case for not geotagging

Gana Kedlaya, Co-founder of Backyard Camp
As we all collectively shoulder the grief and impact of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, let's also
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Future of wildlife tourism in India – new roots in new places

Joanna Van Gruisen, Conservationist, Wildlife
I tend to take Stephen Jay Gould’s “cold bath” view of nature: this coronavirus
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Building resilient communities and resilient destinations

Gopinath Parayil, Founder of The Blue Yonder
18 April 2020 Tourism industry has seen many disasters. Terrorist attacks, earthquakes, climate
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Covid-19: Disruption or opportunity for responsible tourism?

Hashim Tyabji, wildlife and tourism expert, and
17 April 2020 A blessing in disguise? The most important lesson arising from the Covid-19 pandemic
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Creating the ‘New Normal’ in Northeast India

Julie Kagti, Founder of Curtain Call Adventures
16 April 2020 It was in December 2019 that I started to see news reports regarding the outbreak of
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"World will decisively move towards Responsible Tourism after this pandemic"

K Rupeshkumar, State Coordinator, Kerala Responsible
13 April 2020 Kerala has been a leader in Responsible Tourism in the country, having set up the
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A 20-point guide for Responsible Tourism stakeholders

A resource piece for RT policymakers, travel companies
For policy makers, travel companies, grassroots activists and even the local communities,
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How to use social media to amplify your story

Responsible tourism and social media marketing
For responsible tourism companies, marketing their experiences and offerings on social media can
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Help Tourism's Raj Basu says tourism’s greatest hope now lies in India’s villages

Post-Covid 19 travellers will be looking for peace and
3 April 2020 A silver lining in the Covid cloud #StayHome is what we have done for weeks now.
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