The Tamara Coorg
The Tamara Coorg

A luxury eco resort in Coorg, Karnataka

The Tamara Coorg is set in 180 acres of lush greenery, amidst plantations of coffee, cardamom and pepper, interspersed with sparkling streams and gushing waterfalls. This is a place for quiet contemplation in a luxurious setting in Nature’s lap. 

The 56 cottage-style villas in the property are built on stilts on the face of the hills to provide a majestic view of the Coorg valley. Due to safety concerns as a result of the elevation of the cottages and the terrain, children below the age of 12 are not allowed. 

While the cottages vary in size depending on the category, all are spacious, luxuriously appointed and come with private sun decks to enjoy the spectacular views.

The restaurant here, The Falls, serves delicious multi-cuisine meals. But, local Coorgi dishes like Pandi Curry (pork curry), Kadumbuttu (rice balls), Akki Rotti (flatbread made of rice flour), Bimbale Curry (sliced bamboo shoot curry), Kummu Curry (wild mushroom curry) and Nooputtu (string hoppers) feature prominently. A must-try is the Koovale Puttu, which is made with ripe jackfruit and broken rice and steamed in folded Koovale leaves. This delicacy is one of the famous breakfast preparations during jackfruit season. 

The architecture of The Falls is as special as the food served. The semi-open structure, primarily made of wood, is built on a bridge across the valley with a natural stream running underneath. A stunning glass floor in the centre of the restaurant provides a dizzying view of the waterfall below.  

While lazing around in the beautiful cottages is definitely a great way to enjoy a holiday here, the beautiful location lends itself to many interesting activities.

The Verandah is a beautiful heritage building at The Tamara that houses a signature coffee lounge, a bookstore, and a gift shop, showcasing the estate’s very own produce, including coffee, cardamom, pepper and honey. The coffee lounge is the venue for the Blossom to Brew experience. Under the guidance of in-house coffee connoisseurs, guests learn about coffee’s journey from  bean to cup and what’s more get to brew their own coffee brand and carry it home as a gift or savour it right there!

The Yoga Temple offers daily yoga sessions, while the Elevation Spa offers a range of treatments and therapies using products made with ingredients grown locally.

Treks, plantation tours, bird watching walks, private dining under the stars in various scenic spots in the property are all great ways to enjoy the beautiful land. Another is to try Forest Therapy. This is Tamara’s version of the Japanese wellness concept of Forest Bathing. The experience begins with a short walk through a private trail just outside the property. The trail leads to a gazebo, built discreetly amongst the greenery, where a yoga master conducts a breathing and meditation session. The experience ends with a foot massage by a therapist from the spa.

Price: From Rs 19,000

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Out of 180 acres at The Tamara Coorg, only 3.2 acres have been used for construction of the buildings. The cottages are built on fortified stilts to reduce foot print on the ground. Concrete construction was kept to a minimum to avoid polluting the surrounding natural environment. Pre-fabricated wooden structures were brought to site. These structures were all of spruce and pine wood, which is commercially grown, to avoid deforestation. Instead of stone masonry, Maccaferri-retaining wall system have been used in construction to avoid land sliding on the slope. All generated STP and ETP is treated with ultra filters to ensure a water alkalinity of less than 10 PPM in the treated water. This water is used for irrigation in the coffee plantation during. The resort also uses water saving methods to reduce water consumption and energy saving methods for heating water.