Stay at Rakkh Resort in Palampur
Stay at Rakkh Resort in Palampur

A mountain retreat in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

With the majestic Dhauladhar range in the background, Rakkh Resort is Palampur is an earth-centric resort that allows travellers to slow down, spend time in nature, and breathe in the fresh and sharp mountain air.

Rakkh Resort is located on a hill-top in a lush green village on the outskirts of Palampur town in Himachal Pradesh. The resort offers 15 cottages and two interconnecting rooms in its beautiful over four-acre property. The airy and bright rooms offer great views as they are built on the slopes of the Kangri hills, also ensuring least impact to the hillside. This also means the cottages are scattered across the property, so travellers need to be prepared for some steep climbs albeit on all-weather ramps.

Owned and managed by locals, the resort is plugged in to the lives of the local community and so guests can experience a slice of true Kangri living, culture, and traditions. This translates to some great experiences. These range from immersive village walks to adventurous explorations on foot and on mountain bikes. It also offers a number of learning experiences across themes like pottery and weaving.

The culinary experiences stand out. The Himachali rasoi experience, where a local lady cooks a delicious local meal on wood fire in a kitchen built in the traditional semi-open style. Sometimes folk performances are also held. At special request and with a 12-hour notice the slow-cooked Saatvic Dham is also organised.

Price: Rs 8,250

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Slow Travel

Raakh Resort follows a number of responsible and sustainable practices, including: 1. The resort is constructed along the treeline leaving as many trees as possible intact and planting new ones to make up for those cut. 2. No single-use plastic is used. Glass or copper water bottles and used for drinking water and refillable dispensers for toiletries. 3. More than 95% staff is from the local community and are trained on the job. 4. The flours, fruits, vegetables, groceries (including jams, honey, pickles, pulses), and dairy items are sourced locally. Wheat flour needed for the breads is processed in water-run mills. 5. The resort preserves and promotes Kangri culture of Himachal by introducing guests to local dance, traditional meals and locally woven clothes. 6. Architecture is modern yet local with the use of mud, wood and slate. 7. Source of nutrient and mineral rich natural spring water (known as Charuru locally) is within the resort. It is used to meet all the water needs at the resort. 8. Our wet waste is carefully sorted to be either used as compost or as animal feed.