Netuk House
Netuk House

A heritage boutique hotel in Gangtok, Sikkim

Built in the 1950s by an executive counselor to the then Chogyal (Sikkim’s Monarch) on Tibet Road, this beautiful traditional property is located on what was the principal route for travellers and traders heading up to Tibet. Eventually Netuk House started serving as a transit point for the silk traders travelling on this route. Today, the guests here are of a different kind—tourists and travellers seeking to enjoy the beauty and culture of this beautiful state—but the Sikkimese traditional hospitality remains unchanged. 

The property comprises of heritage and contemporary rooms. Some come with access to large balconies and sit outs offering excellent views of the Kanchendzonga range. Even the newer additions are built using traditional building techniques and local materials. The property also offers common gathering spaces like the Cowgher lounge, a partly open space where guests can enjoy Temi tea (Sikkimese tea) or Chaang (local millet beer), and a terrace garden offering views of the Kanchendzonga. 

One of the specialities of Netuk House is the authentic Sikkim food on offer at the in-house restaurant. The dishes have such unique ingredients like Fiddle Head Fern and Stinging Nettle and all of them are sourced from Netuk House’s organic garden and nearby farms. Their Sikkimese thali, which is a five course meal, is a must try. Guests interested in learning more about the local food habits have the option of taking local cuisine classes under the watchful eyes of their expert chef.

Netuk House also promotes local art and culture and during the festive season different cultural and folk troupes perform here.

Price: Rs 7,500, plus taxes

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The buildings at Netuk House have been built in the traditional style using traditional construction methods and local materials. For instance, the new B block was built using a traditional technique of concealing the walls with a cement and mud mixture over woven bamboo straw, ensuring the rooms are cool in summer and warm in winter. food waste is composted and used as manure for the garden in the property. The bath amenities at Netuk House are an all natural and made without preservatives and artificial ingredients that are packaged in recyclable containers. The property serves authentic local dishes, made with organic ingredients that are sourced from the property’s farm or from locals. The property offers filtered and RO water as an alternative to bottled water. Most of the employees are local. The property also offers a certain percentage of profits to NGOs and local monasteries.