Bera Safari Lodge, Rajasthan
Bera Safari Lodge, Rajasthan

A homestay in the heart of the leopard country – Jawai Bera

A small homestay lodge with five cottages in Jawai-Bera - the only place in the world where leopards and humans coexist together without any conflict. It’s one of the only places in the country where you may be able to spot a leopard if you look out of your window!

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They had a long battle with the mining lobby that was trying to establish a mining belt in the region. This battle had to be fought to safeguard the space for our already dwindling leopard population. Today, they have a healthy population of around 50 plus leopards in the Bera-Jawai region. Their future is secure, as are the grasslands where the Rabari herdsmen graze their cattle. Conservation and community remains our priority.  They have regular medical camps for animals and have adopted two water holes for wild animals.