ChaloHoppo to a Frozen Dzukou Valley
ChaloHoppo to a Frozen Dzukou Valley


Where: Nagaland
When: January 10 to 12, 2020 and February 21 to 23, 2020
How long: 3 days
How much: Rs 7,500; includes accommodation in Dzukou in the dormitory and in tents at Camp Yedhika in Jakhama village, all meals as per itinerary, services of guide for Dzukou overnight trek, local transport and other facilities like common bathrooms and charging points.

What to expect:

The scenic villages of Jakhama and Viswema serve as the base for this short but truly life changing experience that involves an overnight trek over a frozen landscape to Dzukou. You will have the surreal experience of seeing your entire surroundings freeze at night, with the river from which you drew water in the day turning into solid ice come night fall! You will also enjoy one of the best views Nagaland has to offer from the camp ground. Wake up to a view of never ending terraced paddy fields and dine on fresh cooked Naga cuisines, including varieties of smoked and fresh meat infused with local herbs and generous portions of bamboo shoot. Sing around a bonfire and fall asleep counting stars in the clear night sky!

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