Walk with the Pardhis
Walk with the Pardhis

Last Wilderness Foundation

Where: Panna, Madhya Pradesh  
When: All year round
How long: 1 day
How much: Rs 250 per person

What to expect:

Reconnect with the wilderness and learn how to ‘read’ the forest with some of the most expert trackers in Madhya Pradesh. The Pardhi community were traditionally hunters, but now with support from the Last Wilderness Foundation they have become forest guides and use their age-old knowledge of the forest and the skills of identifying animal tracks and signs to offer guests a forest experience unlike any other. They share their knowledge about the forest, its trees, animals and birds, and are also fantastic mimics, mimicing the calls of different birds and animals in the wilderness. The walk also allows you to enjoy the raw beauty of Panna and listen to breathtaking stories of the forest from the Pardhi guides.

Read more: http://thelastwilderness.org/contribution-to-conservation/