Cintacor Island Resort
Cintacor Island Resort

An island getaway off the coast of Karwar, Karnataka

There is something about island getaways that makes us feel like a child again. Maybe it is the feeling, even if false, that we are the first explorers of this land that’s cut off from the rest of the world and has so completely been shaped by the elements. Whatever be the reason, an island getaway is sure to give anyone a thrill. At Little Earth Group’s Cintacor Island Resort, which is on the island of Kurumgad that’s accessible only by the resort’s boat from Karwar, you get the chance to have your Robinson Crusoe experience albeit with a healthy dose of luxury!

In 1498, the Portuguese discovered the natural harbour formed by the islands off Karwar and called it Cintacora. When the last Portuguese ships sailed out in 1961, Kurumgad island ended up with the Coelho family and a while ago the Little Earth Group took over and converted it into a stunning resort.

Don't let the swimming pool throw you off. This resort also ticks off many of the Responsible Tourism boxes. The resort has ensured that 80% of the 30-acre island covered is in forests and so, along with different types of plants and trees, the island is also home to many birds, reptiles, mammals, crustaceans, butterflies and insects. The land turtles and sea eagles are the most awe-inspiring of the island’s residents. The island has well-marked nature trails for guests to appreciate nature's bounty. The longest one runs around the island and takes you past the old fort to the beach and back to the jetty. The accompanying naturalist will ensure you see and appreciate the rich bio-diversity of the island. It also follows other such RT best practices like avoiding plastic, segregating waste and recruiting local staff.

Also, the large, well-appointed cabins are tucked away among the island’s lush foliage and the built parts of the island do not stand out. Yet, the big balconies offer sweeping views of the forested island and the sparkling sea beyond. 

The island resort has three dining options. Nemo’s Deck, the main restaurant, is located on the higest spot on the island so breath-taking views are an ever-present ‘side dish’ to your meals here. The meals, in turn, are built around the freshest catch from the sea. The Jolly Roger’s Club is the lounge bar with a library and pool table—an ideal spot when you want to chill indoors. The beach bar, On the Rocks, ensures you are well hydrated while lazing on the beach or swimming in the sea.

The sea here is also home to dolphins and the resort organises cruises just to spot them. Separately, there are sunrise and sunset cruises too and trips are also organised to the nearby islands. For the more active, there are facilities for numerous water sports. Rest assured, you will have much to do on this escape-from-the-world-holiday!

Price: From Rs 15,000 per couple per night depending on cabin and season; the resort is shut during monsoon

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Slow Travel

At Cintacor Island Resort, roughly 80% of the island is wooded ensuring protection for a rich and diverse ecosystem of birds and animals, including the land turtle and sea eagle. The resort does not use single-use plastic bags and bottles and has replaced disposable toiletries with refillable ones. Waste segregation is followed. The resort (and the Little Earth Group) tries to hire local as much as possible. Every Independence day the Group organises clean up drives at various properties.