Bharatgarh Fort
Bharatgarh Fort

A heritage homestay in Ropar near Anandpur Sahib, Punjab

In Punjab’s Ropar, not too far from historic Anandpur Sahib, is a stunning over-230-year-old heritage fort that has been converted into a hotel. Here also live the ninth generation descendent of one of the most respected Sikh and Khalsa leaders, Nawab Kapur Singh. The fort is set in seven acres of land with around 100-acres of surrounding forests amidst the Shivalik Ranges and close to the Sutlej canal and is a great setting for a relaxed holiday in Punjab’s heartland.

The Fort was constructed in 1783 as the stronghold of the Singhpuria Misl, one of the sovereign Sikh states of the time. A part of this fort, consisting of two suites and a room, has been opened up for guests while the current owner, Sardar Deepinder Singh, and his family live in the residential part of the Fort. The family plays considerate hosts to the guests, ensuring travellers gain insights into Sikhism and the Khalsa tradition and also have a great holiday.

While all three accommodation options are good, the Heritage Suite comes highly recommended. Its terrace that overlooks the valley and village make this suite standout. 

There's lots to do here that help the traveller enjoy the Punjab rural life. A morning walk through the farms to the nearby Canal, a walk through the private forest, a spot of fishing at the in-house fish pond or spending a few hours birdwatching here and exploring the Bharatgarh village and the delights of the local sweet shop all keep you occupied through the day. You can enjoy the rich and delicious local Punjabi cuisine, dripping in ghee and butter of course, made with ingredients mostly grown on the farms of the Fort. A picnic on the grounds or near the farms is a memorable experience. 

The city of Anandpur Sahib with its two famous Gurudwaras, Thakat Shri Kesh Garh Sahib and Shri Qila Anandgarh Sahib, is closeby. The Virasat-e-Khalsa, a museum located in Anandpur Sahib that details the birth of Sikhism and the Khalsa, is a must visit. the historic Bhakra Nangal Dam is just 53km away.

Price: From Rs 7,000 to Rs 9,500 

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The Bharatgarh Fort is an over 230-year-old fort that has been occupied by nine generations of the same family. The owners live on the property and host the guests. The Fort showcases Punjab's rich history, especially its Sikh and Khalsa heritage. It also promotes slow and rural focused tourism with experiences like village walks, picnics in the private forest and other similar experiences. it also promotes local Punjabi cuisine and most of the produce is grown on the property's farms.