Kutch Adventures
Kutch Adventures


The dry and arid moonscape of Gujarat’s Kutch is home to some of the richest and most colourful arts and crafts in the country. The people of this flat and ‘barren’ land produce some of the most fascinating pieces of art, from Ajrakh block printing to copper bell making. Their lives and traditions are also unique, with many communities still being semi-nomadic, following the routines and traditions of their ancestors. 

Travellers to this corner of India need to be extra sensitive as the region is ecologically fragile and tourism can seem intrusive with the local communities feeling like they are on display. Which is why going with a small operator like Kuldip Gadhvi’s Kutch Adventures is helpful. Kuldip plays host and guide for each tour he conducts in the region, ensuring visitors get an authentic local experience where they get to meet and interact with genuine artisans, cattle herders and villagers. At the same time, he ensures that the guests appreciate the traditional way of living and the interaction is respectful. From single day to week-long tours, Kuldip customises trips to suit the traveller’s requirements and expectations. Linking visitors with traditional artisans, helping them spend time with herders and villagers and giving them a glimpse into the lives of local residents by putting them up at homestays—this small tour operator offers an immersive Kutch experience.

Price: Rs 5,500 a day along with transportation (regular guided tour)

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<h3>Slow Travel</h3>

Slow Travel

Kutch Adventures ensures that tours have a minimum impact on communities and on the environment. This is one of the reasons why the operator has not scaled up, keeping the number of visitors at less than 100 a year. The operator also educates visitors on such responsible tourism etiquettes like not giving gifts of pens or sweets to children in the communities they engage with or not visiting some parts of the region to minimise impact of tourism on ecologically sensitive zones.