Hushnest Retreats
Hushnest Retreats

Camping getaways

Type of RT Operations: Hotel/Camping
Where: Uttarakhand and Gurgaon
More about the hotel:

Why they claim they are Covid-ready:

1. Each of their sites has a maximum of 2 nests/tents. The hosts will make sure that social distancing is maintained if two different groups are using the facilities.

2. Body temperature will be checked upon checkin. The hosts will also monitor their own temperature at least once a day.

3. All hosts and guests will be required to wear masks. Additionally, the local staff will be required to wear gloves while cleaning, washing and preparing food.

4. Each guest will be provided a sanitiser and mask upon arrival.

5. Sanitisation, disinfection and proper cleaning of facilities before check in and after check out of guests and once a day during the stay.

6. A 24-hour window between check out and check ins will be maintained so that everything can be disinfected properly.

7. The sites have washable pillows and all beddings are cleaned and sanitised after checkout.

8. A booklet with emergency numbers is already kept in the nests. Hosts will consult doctors even if they or guests have mild symptoms. 

9. Hushnest will offer a more relaxed cancellation policy.