Soar Excursions
Soar Excursions

Travel Company

Type of RT Operations: Experiential travel company
Where: Primarily Gujarat
More about the homestay:

Why they claim they are Covid-ready:

1. Soar will ensure that every hotel, homestay, or safari lodge that their guests stay in will have proper sanitisation measures in place, along with masks and PPE suits for the staff as well as appropriate sanitisation measures for the guests like social distancing, sanitised rooms, etc will be mandatory.

2. The hired vehicles will be thoroughly sanitised every day before the guests sit inside. The traveling driver and expert guide will be educated about safety measures. The travel company will be requesting all destination stays to provide appropriate facilities with social distancing norms for the drivers as well as accompanying guides.

3. For the time being, we will encourage the guests to keep adequate social distance while meeting people from different communities, especially in rural and tribal areas. This ensures the safety of the people they meet.

4. Visiting local communities in areas with zero COVID-19 cases will be discouraged so as to not be an accidental carrier of the pandemic to unaffected areas.