Take in the glories of the Pink City in pink electric rickshaws driven by women from low income communities of Jaipur. Travellers get to choose from multiple day tours, some as short as an hour to others that can go on for four hours. The rickshaws are custom designed with collapsible canopy and ergonomically designed seats. They also offer a locker for the belongings of travellers when they need to step out of the rickshaw, a mobile charger, water bottle/newspaper holder, city maps and so on. The driver-guides are all women—the plan is to have 200 such driver-guides—who come from Jaipur’s slums and have been trained to give travellers a unique insider’s view of Jaipur. Tours include an early-morning ride of the city, a shop-and-hop shopping trip and a craft-focused four-hour excursion. 

Price: Rs 1000 to Rs 3000 for 1 to 4 hour tours

Read More: http://www.pinkcityrickshawcompany.com/

Slow Travel

The Pink City Rickshaw Company is a subsidiary of ACCESS Development Services, a Delhi-headquartered not for profit venture, which focuses on incubating innovations for sustainable livelihoods of the poor in both farm and the non-farm sector. All rickshaws are electric and hence eco-friendly. The driver-guides are all women from Jaipur’s slums and low-income communities, ensuring better livelihood opportunities for women from poorer sections of the city.

Disclaimer: We have tried to ensure the operators listed here are responsible towards local communities and the environment. We, however, urge travellers to do additional checks when choosing an experience/accommodation.

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